Vantage Production, LLC provides dynamic solutions and technologies to meet the needs of the mortgage industry in an ever-changing environment. We are the premier provider of sales and marketing automation, including content and services supporting the marketing and sales of mortgages and the professional development of production personnel. Our solutions are tailored to the requirements of both individuals and enterprises, providing production support nationwide.

Vantage Production is built on a 15-year history of providing successful business-building solutions for loan originators with its Mortgage Market Guide, Platinum Marketing, Platinum Sales and LoanToolbox solutions through both up and down markets.

With the introduction of VIP in 2013, Vantage Production launched an enterprise solution that is the first sales and marketing automation platform designed for the mortgage industry and powered by CRM data.

More than 35,000 lending professionals at 1,100 organizations rely on Vantage Production solutions every day to be more successful in their mortgage practices. Counted among Vantage Production’s clients are the nation’s leading independent mortgage companies, banks and credit unions as well as individual mortgage loan originators.

Offered in a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) model, all Vantage Production services are easy to implement and cost-effective to operate. The VIP solution is hosted at Rackspace, a leading provider of managed cloud solutions. The mission-critical nature of VIP requires the highest levels of performance, security and uptime that Rackspace provides. An independent auditor verified Vantage Production’s information security practices, policies, procedures and operations meet the AICPA SOC 2 Type 2 standards for security, availability and confidentiality. An SOC 2 examination provides assurance to Vantage Production’s clients that the company has the proper internal controls in place to keep customer information secure and confidential.

Key management includes recognized mortgage industry leaders who are experienced veterans in every aspect of our industry. Supporting this innovative leadership team are subject-matter experts who are passionate about what they know and contribute. In addition to mortgage-specific expertise, these more than 75 team members contribute their knowledge in a number of critical areas including content strategy and creation, email and direct-response marketing, sales strategy and execution, web design and development, database administration, network operations, security, product development, quality control, UI/UX design, mobile strategies, database administration, business analysis, client support, training, project management, and market analysis.

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